Joe Norster

Creative Director, Development, local government and major festival clients.

Joe has a passion for bringing public spaces to life, in a career that has focused on delivering complex projects to a range of public and private clients, Joe specialises in working closely with local government teams. His understanding and commitment to the importance of local government allows for the genuine development of creative ideas to take place. Over the years Joe has produced Projector Bike events for Sydney City Council, Brisbane and Perth Councils, Darwin council and over a dozen local governments in Melbourne including Melbourne City Council and regional Victorian councils.If you are looking for a way to gather a community around an idea or celebrate a neighbourhood then please get in touch.



Lee Ramseyer Bache

Creative Director, General Manager, Filmmaker, Projection Technician

Lee loves sharing and celebrating stories. He has led Little Projector Company’s innovations in mobile projection and site responsive storytelling projects, through immersive walking tours and performances. His work has led to new direction such as pedal powered cinema, live participatory light painting, and content creation. As a practising filmmaker Lee brings in depth understanding of the workflow of nurturing stories from community to projection. Lee has produced and managed Projector Bike events for Vivid Sydney, Gertrude Street Projection Festival, film festivals, dozens of local governments, national arts and cycling festivals, and worked collaboratively with local and international communities and artists.


Ivan Masic

VJ, Projection Artist, Projection Technician

Ivan Masic is an audio-visual artist and filmmaker, whose work spans a wide range of creative projects, including music videos, short-form documentaries, audio-visual installations & a/v performances that incorporate live music and audio reactive projections. The primary focus of Ivan’s work is in creating an authentic audio-visual vocabulary that seeks to inform, challenge and inspire, whilst broadening our understanding and experience of conceptual ideas.

Ivan’s projection work employs an elemental approach—vibrating the surface of a plate covered with a thin film of powder or liquid (cymatics), a process that occupies a near-perpetual state of experimentation. The subsequent projections culminate into a synesthetic inquiry and an intersection of Ivan’s own musical immersion, studio production techniques and captivation with the language of art, design and cinema.


Simon Beuve


Simon is a visual artist — He makes projection, painting, illustration, graphic design, typography, photography & more. His work has been shown in Paris and Melbourne and has also been published internationally in journals. Simon performs live animatd light painting nationwide.



Samuel Fraser


Sam is a digital artist focusing on portraits and character design. In the people I draw I try to imbue their life stories and personality through expressions and gesture. I like to observe and comment on the beauty of the natural and everyday. I have used this for character concept in video games and private commissions. My tools include Photoshop, drawing tablets, and the sketchbooks I use to record my surroundings and the people in them.