Pedal Power

Pedal Power

Little Projector Company’s Pedal Power system provides human generated power for your next film screening, DJ set, or event. 4 bikes on training rollers produce 250 watts of continuous power.


The D.C. Kit allows you to turn your bicycle generator into a micro-power generation system to generate 12V DC or 240V AC electricity to power a range of appliances such as a laptop, mobile phone charger or a sound system…or to charge our battery systems so you can utilise the power later!


What can I use it for?

POWER GENERATOR - It can power lights, laptops, and charge mobile phones in off grid areas or where power grids may be unreliable.


BATTERY CHARGING - The Pedal Power Regulator Unit can be connected to our battery systems battery to store the power you produce to use later.


EDUCATION - As real-time power generation system, when you stop pedalling so does the power, which is invaluable for illustrative and educational purposes. Pedal Power Regulator Unit is fun and participatory energy education tool and combines many aspects of the curriculum such as Sports, Citizenship, Geography and Science. Pedal Power is a great introduction to micro-­power generation and renewable technologies.